Water Work

When the first dead duck (memory bird) is thrown you will swing and fire at the top of the arc. After the first duck hits the water the second duck (wiper bird) will be thrown. The second dead duck, "wipes" across the line of the memory bird, at this time you will fire your second shot. The second duck will pass close to you and your dog. It must be retrieved first. Your dog has to remain steady through all sequences; if not, your steadiness by double mark score will be severely affected. After the second duck (wiper bird) has hit the water, pause to demonstrate steadiness before sending your dog with a line and/or a tap on the head or ear. You may hand the gun to the judge after you have sent your dog on the first retrieve or you may choose to keep it through the entire sequence. You should tell the judges in advance what you intend to do. If you choose to keep your gun throughout the entire sequence you may NOT mount and point the gun in the direction of the memory bird when the distraction shot is fired. Once the dog has the wiper bird in its mouth and has turned back towards you, a diversion shot will be fired by a distraction gunner. After receiving the first retrieve you may hand the bird to the judge behind you before sending your dog on the next retrieve, or keep it until you have sent your dog and then hand it off. Again, let the judges know in advance what you will be doing.